Luminaires SAROS Large

ABOUT THE COMPANY The SAROS company was established in 1992; currently it is a multidisciplinary group of companies operating in manufacturing and trading fields such as: • production facilities to manufacture lighting equipment and accessories under the SAROS trademark • design bureaus and sales departments offering a full range of solutions for illumination: from a concept and conceptual design to integrated supply of lighting equipment and installation; • production facilities to manufacture stretched ceilings and accessories under the Saros Design trademark; • production facilities to manufacture plastic articles using the injection moulding method, and to make extruded PVC profiles and polyethylene wrap films • a dealer network across Europe and other countries. ABOUT PRODUCTION FACILITIES Manufacture of lighting equipment is impossible without qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Today, we have both.. The availability of the up-to-date equipment fleet makes performing the major part of manufacturing operations at our lighting equipment and accessories production facilities in Narva (Estonia) possible, thus ensuring control over both the quality of the end product and compliance with deadlines. We have a 6-meter powder painting chamber, and paint luminaires and poles using the most advanced technology. Prior to painting, all items are subjected to HD Galvanizing or special pre-treatment, which improves their corrosion resistance and increases their lifetime. In our luminaires, we use components from leading European manufacturers. We also pay special attention to packaging. Securely packaged goods withstand long-time transportation and frequent transhipments. ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS One can find lighting equipment manufactured at our production facilities all over the world. The catalogue introduces series-production lighting poles, luminaires, spotlights and bollard Besides, we also manufacture customized lighting systems and systems for specific operating conditions. While developing new designs of luminaires and lighting poles, our designers aspire to create not only functional illumination, but also an architectural element that will seamlessly blend into the environment. The primary goal of our designers is the ease of installation and item efficiency, as the luminaire shall not only please the eye providing comforting illumination, but also be of high-quality and durable.